Committee Vacancies

These are the descriptions of job functions or committee responsibilities from our Bylaws. We need folks who are interested in serving in these positions. You do not have to be a current member of the PCRCC to take on one of these positions

Public Relations: notifies media of meetings and events, issues, press releases and contacts guest speakers

County Campaign Coordinator: chooses members from all parts of county to help promote local, state and national candidates and shall organize, set up, and conduct Meet the Candidates forums and debates

Young Republicans: set up and organize a club for young Republicans in Park County

Web Administrator: responsible for all functions of the PCRCC website and any other technical issues as determined by the Chair. This position obviously requires technical aptitude. We can train you on using SnapPages. We have a current administrator but are looking for an alternate to be available when the primary is out of town or otherwise unavailable.

Tim Peterson
Park County Republican Chair




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