The Core Values of the Republican Party

Smaller Government/Individual Responsibility
Lower Taxes
Free Market Enterprises
National Sovereignty and Security
Secure Borders

Why I am a Republican

Republicans believe in people: we donate more to charities, give more of our time and individually help people in trouble. It is important to respect each person's rights and individual choices.
Republicans believe that government exists to protect the freedom of each person, not restrict it by taking my property, my guns, or any other of my Constitutional rights.
Republicans believe that smaller less intrusive government will lead to more job creation, and a better stronger economy.
Republicans believe that respect for laws, the courts and the Constitution are vital to preservation of the nation and security for the citizen.
Republicans believe that we must remain militarily strong and that we must continue our efforts towards world peace and friendship.
Republicans believe that we must be inclusive and allow equal rights, not equal things for all people. That any person who is honest and hard working can reach their dreams.